Care Instructions

    Should I wash it before wearing?

    • Just like underwear, we recommend washing it first before first time use. 

    It fits a little big around the chin, what can I do?

    • For a more form-fitting fit, it's possible to shrink the mask slightly by washing it in warm/hot water and tumble dry medium heat. 
    • Please bear in mind that some chin room is good as the mask should be comfortable enough you can open your mouth without shifting the mask.

    How should I wash my mask?

    • We have two recommended ways to wash:
      1. Hand wash: use detergent or hand soap and gently rub all over the mask under warm running water for one minute (or longer if it's visibly dirty from makeup, etc.)
      2. Machine wash: use detergent and wash on warm delicate, no more than 40°C. Fabric softener is okay to use too.
    • And of course, please be sure to dry it - air or machine) - before using it again. The softness may disappear during washing, but once dry it should be soft as new again.
    • You should wash after every use or rotate between masks every other day and hanging the used ones up for bacteria to die off - and then washing all of them at the end of the week.
    Will the masks shrink during wash?
    • Because they're made of 35% polyester/65% cotton, they're quite resistant to shrinkage, but you may notice wearing out after 30+ washes. At this time we recommend getting a fresh one.