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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: At this time, we have masks in limited quantities and restocking them online as soon as possible. If the colour you want is out of stock, please check back in a few days. We aim to restock every Tuesday however inventory goes out very quickly.

Care Instructions

Should I wash it before wearing?

  • Just like underwear, we recommend washing it first before first time use. 

How should I wash my mask?

  • We have two recommended ways to wash:
    1. Hand wash: use detergent or hand soap and gently rub all over the mask under warm running water for one minute (or longer if it's visibly dirty from makeup, etc.)
    2. Machine wash: use detergent and wash on warm delicate, no more than 40°C. Fabric softener is okay to use too.
  • And of course, please be sure to dry it - air or machine - before using it again. The softness may disappear during washing, but once dry it should be soft as new again.
  • You should wash after every use or rotate between masks every other day and hanging the used ones up for any possible 'viruses' to die off - and then washing all of them at the end of the week.
Will the masks shrink during wash?
  • Because they're made of 35% polyester/65% cotton, they're quite resistant to shrinkage, but you may notice wearing out after 30+ washes. At this time we recommend getting a fresh one. 

    Size & Fit

    Face cover dimensions

    My mask fits a little big around the chin, what can I do?

    • For a more form-fitting fit, it's possible to shrink the mask slightly by washing it in warm/hot water and tumble dry medium heat. 
    • Please bear in mind that some chin room is good as the mask should be comfortable enough you can open your mouth without shifting the mask.

    Do the masks have a nose wire?

    • Unfortunately our current masks do not have a nose wire. However upon request, we do provide adhesive metal nose pieces that can be added to the masks for a more secure fit.

    How many layers?

    • Our masks are 3 layers for the most part, but some masks with thick fabric are made with only 2 to help with heat and breathability as the fabric material may be thicker to begin with. We're transitioning to having all masks in 3-layers for fall/winter season.
    • If it's two, it will be indicated in the product name. If your mask feels thin and you are unsure, you can do a water test with the masks by filling it up under the sink and it should hold/cup (water shouldn’t go through fast if it’s 3 layers).
    Watch our video here for 3-layers:

      Are your earloops adjustable?

      • Unfortunately, our earloops do not have an adjustable fastener, however our earloops are loose and elastic.
      • They should be secure enough to fit and hold the mask comfortably on an adult face, yet loose enough to prevent pressure pain on the ears from long wear.
      • For whatever reason, if they don't fit, you can contact us for replacement earloops.

      Will the earloops strain or tire my ears?

      • The earloops featured on the Comfort Fit Face Cover has been adapted after the earloop design on the Cranberry Repel medical grade masks, worn by dentists for long periods every day. After multiple test wears for over 5+ hours from various members of our community, we are happy to report that our earloop design has been aced - it is secure enough to fit and hold the mask comfortably on an adult face, yet loose enough to prevent pressure pain on the ears from extended wear. 

      I have a big head and I'm worried about sizing. Will this fit me?

      • While our mask is one size, its sizing is ~24cm length x 13cm height and designed to fit snug on most faces. It has been tested and worn on many different faces and should fit most, including larger heads.
      • Testimonial from one of our customers: "Honestly I have so many masks even before the pandemic and I'm 6'6 with a 2XL head size, most masks don't fit me very well but this mask fit the best and most comfortably."

      I have a beard and most masks especially the disposable ones make my chin very itchy, I constantly have to re-adjust. Am I going to face this challenge again?

      • We hope not! Our masks are made of extra soft cotton & polyester material, making it much less resistant to itching. In fact, our most popular comments are about how soft on the skin this fits.


      Do you have any other colours or patterns?

      • We are updating our face cover selection on a regular basis. We recommend following our Instagram page for the latest product updates.
      • If you have a colour or print request, please send us a message and we'll do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible. 

      I'm ordering for my family and I want one for my child. Do the masks come in kids size?

      • Yes, we now have masks for kids! These will fit those around 6-14yrs old. Please see available selection here.

      Pickup & Delivery

        I heard Canada Post has been experiencing heavy delivery delays on packages shipped out during COVID-19. What are your shipping options and will my order be affected?

        • Canada Post's service has been experiencing continuous delays but is still operating. Based on previous orders, the average wait time for Ontario orders in May is 7 business days from when we ship out. We promise it'll be well worth the wait!
        • We understand that protecting our health is a top priority and timing can be critical. For shorter & faster delivery times, we recommend selecting Expedited or Xpress shipping during checkout. Shipping fees are a little pricier, but will guarantee your order gets to you ASAP.

        Do you offer local pickup?

        • If you're located in Toronto, we offer pickup from our temporary location at King & Bathurst, M5V 2Y6. Our warehouse is currently closed to the public and we do not have an operating storefront, so all pickup orders must be paid for and scheduled in advance. 

        Return Policy

        What's your return policy?

        • Unfortunately, due to health & safety, we cannot issue refunds or exchanges on mask orders. All orders are final sale. 
        • If there is a problem with your product, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.